Top Tips for Hiring an ISO 27001 Consultant

Having an ISO 27001 certification can improve your security, increase your customer base, and protect you from legal ramifications. Ten management system requirements and 114 information security regulations are often included in an annexure to an audit. However, there are instances when it seems like there are endless needs.

You can perform it on your own while obtaining a certification. That is definitely a possibility. However, each process can be laborious and time-consuming. This is the exact situation where employing an ISO 27001 consultant expert is a blessing. 

In this article, we’ll learn how to choose an ISO 27001 consultant, what to watch out for, and the advantages and disadvantages of employing one.

Who Are the ISO 27001 Consultants?

Experts who specialise in ISO 27001 use their knowledge to expedite the installation of a system for the management of information security that complies with the guidelines in ISO 27001.

The Duties of ISO 27001 Consultants

You must understand the duties of ISO 27001 consultants before deciding whether or not to hire one.

Making ISMS Documentation, Policies, and Guidelines

ISO 27001 requires a lot of paperwork. Organisations must implement controls and set up rules and procedures to reduce the risks to their ISMS from data security. Usually, ISO consultants assist firms in creating these policies and processes. And with their professional consulting experience, they can even assist you in customising it to fit the unique requirements of your company. 

Create and Implement Your ISMS

With the help of an impartial expert, you will determine the nature, design, and implementation of your ISMS. If they are familiar with the ISO standard, they will be able to alter your security management system so that it satisfies both your needs and those of the framework.   

Create your Statement of Applicability

A consultant can assist you in preparing the Statement of Applicability, a further important document for certification. For those who are unfamiliar, SOA is a list of all the controls from Annex A that are applicable to your company. It also includes a mapping of the controls to identify risks and arguments for their inclusion and exclusion. 

Carry Out Risk Analysis

A crucial part of adhering to ISO 27001 is conducting risk assessments. Additionally, internal risk analyses of your assets and systems are critically important. This is where ISO 27001 consultants come into play. They assist in highlighting and identifying the threats to the accessibility, security, and reliability of your information assets.