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Are Covid-19 PCR test applications any good?

A COVID-19 test is a simple test that can be used to determine whether or not you have COVID-19. It consists of two parts: a nasal-pharyngeal swab and a pharyngeal swab. The first step is the ‘pharyngeal’ component, which entails gently stroking your tonsils with a long cotton bud for a few moments. 

Next, place a 2.5cm long cotton bud into your nose for another swab, move it around a bit to swab thoroughly. Swabbing is a little intrusive and not pleasant, but it’s not terrible either. The best tip is to keep calm while doing it, and it will go by quickly. At the moment, everyone, including little toddlers and those with special needs, goes through the same testing process. At the testing sites, there is staff to assist you if you require any special assistance.

The COVID-19 test is an exceptionally accurate polymerase chain reaction. PCR test in Edinburgh fulfils an international standard for testing. Although no test is perfect, these tests have a very narrow margin of error. The lateral flow test is another type of test (LFT). It is a portable kit that provides a result in roughly 30 minutes; it varies from a PCR test in that it does not require analysis in a lab. On one end, fluid from a nasal swab or saliva is applied, and if you are positive, a marking appears. LFTs are the assessments provided to students returning home for the winter break across Scotland.

COVID-19 Testing App

When Is The Best Time To Have A COVID-19 Test?

You should only obtain a test if you have COVID-19 symptoms, which you may check on the NHS Inform website. You must get a test during the first few days of exhibiting symptoms, as the test is only practical if you get it within five days of showing signs. If you have had contact with someone who may have COVID-19, isolate yourself and wait for the test results.

If their test comes back positive, continue to isolate them for ten days from when they first started experiencing symptoms. You can stop isolating if their result is negative. If you start to get isolated symptoms, you should obtain a test and keep isolating. Your family is not required to take a test, but they should remain isolated until you receive your results.

Where Can You Go To Get A PCR Test in Edinburgh?

There are drive-in test centres with the most prominent Scottish cities that anyone living in the area can visit and walk-in test centres at several locations across the country. Mobile testing units are also available that travel across the country. To attend a drive-in testing centre or a mobile testing unit, you must make a reservation in advance, which you may do on the UK Government website or directly on Radox website.

To get to a test centre, you can drive, walk, or ride your bike. Don’t take public transportation or a taxi to get to a test centre. When you go for your test, don’t do anything else while you’re out, such as shopping; instead, go straight to the test centre and back home. You can also ask for a home test kit, which will take a little longer to arrive but will ensure that you will not get into contact with anyone.

Request a home kit using the same website as before. The equipment will be mailed to you, and once you’ve finished with it, the courier will collect it. If you use a home kit, test results may take a little longer to arrive. Visit the Scottish Government website for further information on the various testing centers. Randox tests also include simple to use mobile applications for Android and iOS where you can submit your negative/positive Lateral Flow Tests directly rather than mailing the sample to the centre directly.