Wings ships with a set of different example applications demonstrating different features. All of these demos are online available, so you can try them right on your way to get a first impression of it's capabilities. Below you'll also find some real-life demos.



Familiar with the SwingSet demo coming with JFC? Take a look at this demo! It's the most comprehensive one demonstrating all major features and widgets available in Wings. If we add new features this is the first place where you'll find them.


Open Source Business Library
A library of open source components integrated for efficient implementation of process based business applications.


Desktop Demo
A really simple drag & drop portal page.


 Real-life applications


As you now - demos are good for showing the concepts. But does wingS keep what it is promising also in real life? Yes - it does! Find below a list of real life applications built on wingS (some are v2 and v1.05).

Screenshot Name / Provider Description
Click to enlarge Solution for an international customer A complex application realized for an international customer. It is responsible for the management and calculation of rebates for the customers resellers.
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paxx-150 paXX
Project and Resource management application
eproc-150 e-Procurement
Wilken GmbH
E-Procurement. Based on the Open Source Business Library (OSBL)
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radix-150 Radix Webshop
D. Haupt
A german webshop with wingS 2.0 heavily using template layout
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