Related Projects

wingS is accompanied by several sister projects ...


Jspresso is a full-stack java framework to develop N-tier distributed desktop-like applications. Jspresso covers extensively the whole software architecture and relieves the developer from all the plumbing by solving most of the technical concerns. Jspresso philosophy extends the "Convention over configuration" paradigm with a descriptive strategy made of assembling built-in descriptors (java beans) from the domain model to the views and services.


The objective of the OSBL is to glue several wellknown open source java components together, to form an integrated application stack. It provides a webui framework, an object oriented process engine with subject- and task- lists, an or-mapper, a plugin manager, a window manager, different navigation strategies, a simple help system and some powerful development tools.

WingS Builder

WingsBuilder is a Groovy Builder for the wingS Framework.