wingS in the Press

Several articles have been written about wingS:


Here just a few quotes as read on the wingS mailing lists:

"Just a few lines to share my wings experience. As a "experienced" independent java/swing developer, I was looking for a framework to leverage my swing knowledge to make it to the RIA world.

The features I was looking for (I'm a lazy guy):

  • java only devt (I've never wrote a line of JS...)
  • server-side only (don't want an intermediate generation/build step)
  • event-driven coding (no struts/jsf/... page-driven application flow)
  • direct transition from the awt/swing API (I developed a complete business app framework which heavily uses MVC swing architecture - component models - and layouting)
  • of course, no client-side deployment (except for a general purpose plugin / rendering engine)

I successfully ported my app framework to Canoo ULC (which is by the way an excellent technology, but which is not free nor open-source and requires a java client installation - your client app gets deployed as an applet or using jws).

Then I came to AJAX-based client frameworks. I looked at many of them (maybe all?) and I decided to try the porting with echo2 (+echoNG) and wings.

Despite the really amazing gui experience of echo, I gave up due to some missing features (like table cell editing), API differences (home-made layouting for instance - no gridbag, no card, ...), and maybe others I forgot.

Using wings the porting was almost a "search and replace" 'J' by 'S'. Of course, I had (also) to deal with layouting differences when using GridbagLayout, missing splitpane (but it's being worked on) and other limitations which are mainly due (at least I believe) to JS/html usage.

All that is to say that this project is just EXCELLENT. And I think that the key difference with others is that you literally stick tho the swing API (which is not as complex as you can read in many forums) in the core WingS and push other stuff in WingX (which contains very valuable work too)."


"I really enjoyed using j-wings… I have been using JSP/Servlet for quite a while, and I recently shifted to JSF. However one problem with JSP/Servlet, especially when the UI gets too complex, my code usually become a hack code. For JSF, although the new JSF tags does not bother me for creating the view, However, it is really hard to get the Interface that I like to see (or maybe I just don't know how).

But now, I just learned J-wings yesterday, and it proved to be way better than other frameworks I tried to use. I created a web-application in just 4 hours, instead of 2 weeks for JSP/Servlet or JSF.

Thank you guys!"


"However give some time first to explore wingS, since I just learned it yesterday :)

But already I think I'm becoming pretty comfortable at it (maybe for my Swing background). There's one thing I did yesterday, I created my UI in Netbeans 5.0 Matisse and I copied my code and replaced all javax.swing.JTextField etc… to org.wings.STextField and it worked."