Sep 28 2009
WingS Coding Camp

We held our third WingS Coding Camp from 5/11/09 until 5/15/09 at the SUN Devepelopment Center in Munich. Thanks to all participiants from XDEV Software, Data Experts and others.


Apr 9 2008
Release of wingS 3.2.1

The wingS development team has just released wingS 3.2.1 which fixes a major bug that was accidentally included in version 3.2. Sorry for these inconveniences!

wingS 3.2.1 can be downloaded from Sourceforge.


Mar 28 2008
Release of wingS 3.2

The wingS development team is proud to announce the general availability
of wingS 3.2.

Besides numerous bugfixes and stabilization issues the most important
improvements addressed by version 3.2 are as follows:

- Added property change support

- Added a servlet container emulation for JUnit tests.

- Introduced transparent support for the Java Preferences API. The preferences
are stored with a separate root for each user/ client.

- Look & Feel of several components (including dialogs, calendars and
menus) has been adopted towards a fresh design based on the YUI skin "SAM".

- Heavily improved speed and reliability of JavaScript support by
upgrading YUI to version 2.5.1, stabilizing wingS' own libraries and
optimizing the overall JavaScript object management.

- Achieved noticable speed improvements via new fine grained updates
(e.g. for large tables).

- Introduced a central overlay manager which handles all layering and
focussing issues regarding windows and dialogs.

- Made first steps towards wingS-CMS integration and dynamic template

- Improved dialogs, calendars and exception notifications.

- Built foundation for more flexible MDI layouts.

An example of wingS in action can be found on our demo server:

wingS 3.2 can be downloaded from Sourceforge.

Oct 17 2007
Release of wingS 3.1

The wingS team is proud to announce the general availability of wingS 3.1. This is basically a maintainance release with noticable performance improvements, official WebKit support (Safari) and lots of other valuable enhancements. The javascript libraries have been consolidated towards YUI, thus initial load time has been reduced to a minimum. Especially dialogs, the auto completion component and the calendar benefit from the smartness of YUI. There is now a plugin mechanism, that makes the integration of custom or third party components as simple as can get. Just drop in a jar (with all the component's artifacts like scripts, styles, templates, ..) and start using it:

   panel.add(new WhatEverComponent());

wingS 3.1 can be downloaded from Sourceforge.

For those who are tired of bothersome installation procedures, there is an ant target included in the build, that starts a fully functional demo on jetty in less than a minute. Just download, unpack, call ant run-demo-wingset and point your browser to http://localhost:8989.

Oct 10 2007
WingS Coding Camp Summary

Last week, we held our WingS Coding Camp here at the Wilken office. 10 People from different companies took part. We had a perfect infrastructure, excellent catering and a really good atmosphere. Working together side by side with people you knew only from the mailing list by then is an invaluable experience!

The objectives, verbalized on the wiki made up a sporting agenda! Of course we weren't able to address all of them, though the outcome is quite respectable as can be seen in JIRA

During the weekend we concentrated on testing and performance and could already achieve a high quality result. However, there are still some tasks left, that shall be finished by end of this week. At this point, I'd like to ask everybody to test their current development against the trunk and provide their feedback. If everything goes well, we should be able to release wingS 3.1 by end of this week.

Many thanks to all attendees and sponsors!

  • exxcellent solutions
  • technologies
  • mercatis Information Systems
  • thiesen hardware- & software-design
  • data experts

It was a pleasure to work with you!


Holger Engels
(Wilken GmbH)

Aug 15 2007

Andres Almiray has released WingSBuilder, a Groovy builder for wingS. It is available from There is not a binary distribution yet, but the site will guide you through the building process.

You can use WingSBuilder in the same fashion as SwingBuilder. Most of the constructs provided by the original SwingBuilder are supported in WingSBuilder, thanks to the efforts of the wingS team in following the Swing model very closely. WingSBuilder also supports wingS specific components and the ability to attach your own components through widget() & container().

Jul 25 2007
Participate in the WingS Coding Camp

As discussed in the past few weeks, we're planning the 2nd wingS Coding Camp. The responses I got so far show general interest in the prospective output as well as readiness to invest. The objective will be defined by the contributors. Please follow the link to the Coding Camp White Board in order to vote for objectives and in order to state your contribution!

Target date: 2nd to 7th of October 2007
Location: Wilken GmbH in Ulm, Germany

The Coding Camp will achieve its objective, if there are enough attendees. About five developers per day should be most efficient. Individual attendance should last at least two days.

As some don't have the possibility to attend personally but still like to contribute, we'd like to provide an opportunity to fund the Coding Camp. Financial sponsoring should be in due proportion to providing manpower. So 1600.- € (2 man-days) is a reasonable figure. Depending on how much financial sponsoring we collect, we will spend it for catering, then accommodation, then buying more man-days.

Of course all contributors and sponsors will be mentioned officially! Our marketing department will ensure the respective visibility. Please let us know, whether and how you will support the Coding Camp. In order to get planning reliability, we should have your response by end of August.

Holger Engels

Jul 17 2007
Release of wingS 3.0

The wingS team is proud to announce the general availability of wingS 3.0 with Transparent AJAX.

Transparent AJAX unburdens the application developer from the complexity of asynchronous replication of conversational state between client and server. The utilization of AJAX is completely hidden behind the wingS API. Even custom components, written against the wingS 2 API immediately profit from the incremental page update mechanism.

Change Log

Thanks to everybody, who contributed to this release! Special thanks to Stephan Schuster for his great effort, introducing the Transparent AJAX concept.

Jul 9 2007
Release of wingS 3.0 beta 2

The 3.0 branch has reached production quality now. Please give us your feedback!

Jul 5 2007
New Homepage

The new homepage features:

  • clear navigation
  • more content
  • a forum
  • a fresh design

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