Conceptual features

Though Wings can look back on a history starting 2001 we still believe that the concepts behind Wings counts to the most advanced and innovative one in the market. Why do many people still try squeeze object-oriented software designs into page-oriented frameworks?

  • Efficient Java-based Swing-like API
    The API of Wings orients itself on its big brother Java Swing for desktop applications. This makes the API of Wings ideal for component-oriented programming and a high level of code reuse.
  • Less error-proneness during development process
    Popular frameworks like Sun JSF and Apache Struts rely on a heavy mix of different technologies like Java, JSP, XML & Tag libs. This implies that the association between the different media have to be maintained manually to be always in sync. Errors between these assoication implies bad suprises during runtime while pure Java-based frameworks like Wings can leverage of the compilers consistency checks.
  • Clear separation of presentation and logic
    Using the provided Wings framework components the presentation logic can be easily implemented in pure java. The Wings Pluggable Look & Feel (PLAF) is responsible of transforming the visual properties set by the logic into the according web presentation. The overall design can be easily modified using a global CSS stylesheet and layout template. This centralized approach makes i.e. updates to the corporate design very easy.
  • Free also for commercial purposes
    Wings is completely Open Source under the GNU LGPL. Hence it can be used royality free in commerical applications.

Technical features

Below is a short list of selected feature highlights of Wings. You can also try them out [create Demos] or read more aobut the details behin the Wings user guide.

  • Comprehensive set of widgets including trees, tables, tabbed panes, menus and more.
  • Powerful layout managers (Swing-like and template-based)
  • Drag & Drop support
  • Fully CSS and component oriented design
  • Component context menus and tooltips
  • Client-side remote scripting (AJAX)
  • Detection and handling of browser back navigations

New Features starting with Version 3.0

  • Transparent AJAX support
    Starting with Wings release 3 the developer can easily switch his implemented Wings applications to use AJAX techniques for incremental page updates just by configuration. No need for any further implementation.
  • New AJAX-based components in Wings
    The Wings extension pack wingX now contains a set of major AJAX-enhanced interactive components like suggest boxes, interactive date pickers, scrollbars and color choosers ready to use for the developer with the same convenient Java API like the other Wings components.